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Chinese Language, Thought, and Culture: Nivison and His Critics   Edited by Philip J. Ivanhoe

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ISBN 0-8126-9318-3
$43.00       paper
384 pages
(May 1996)

Chinese Language, Thought, and Culture
Nivison and His Critics

Edited by Philip J. Ivanhoe

The interaction of Chinese thought with modern Western intellectual life is captured in this volume, which presents leading thinkers working on problems in philosophy, ethics, intellectual history, religion, and linguistics. The contributors all take up themes from the wide-ranging work of David S. Nivison, who replies in detail to each contribution.

"David Nivison has done more to promote Western literacy in Chinese culture than almost any Western scholar alive today. Each chapter of Chinese Language, Thought, and Culture is addressed to one of Nivison's sustained career interests by an expert in that area—philosophy, linguistics, paleontology, astronomy and calendrics—and when these essays are read together with Nivison's considered responses, the conversations—candid, critical, and always deliciously inconclusive—represent the most noble kind of dialectical engagement."
—Roger T. Ames
University of Hawaii


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