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Discworld and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9919-7


xii + 316 pages


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Discworld and Philosophy

Reality Is Not What It Seems

Edited by Nicolas Michaud
Volume 101 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Pour yourself a glass of Three Wizards’ Chardonnay, Winkle’s Old Peculiar, or Soggy Mountain Dew, pull up a three-legged chair, and, for Om’s sake, stay out of the bathtub! Keep an eye open for the octarine flashes that would indicate magic is trying to escape from the pages and be ready to grab something made of copper in order to ground uncontrolled magic without harmful incident. (Some would consider the copper safeguard . . . unnecessary.) You are now ready to dive into Discworld and Philosophy and join a group of philosophical Discworld fans as they explore truth, history, death, luck, morality, and reality in the magical universe of the Disc.

 “These astute Auditors of Reality have really dug deep (past the elephants and the turtle) to get to the penetrating and enduring philosophical issues upon which Discworld ultimately rests. As the members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch can tell you, this is essential reading for any fan of Discworld.”

—Richard Greene, Co-editor of The Princess Bride and Philosophy

Discworld and Philosophy demonstrates a great respect and in-depth knowledge of Sir Terry’s expansive universe.”

—Jason Anthony, Editor of Discworld Monthly

 “Do not, under any circumstances, open this book! Nicolas Michaud and his fellow Ephebians have pinned the truth to the page in order to keep infinity at bay and provide that one extra fact that can make magic. Or it is a load of absolute tosh. Either way, this perfectly ordinary book is dangerous, because Pratchett’s Discworld is a marvel of wit and insight that provides more than just a story, but also a reflection of our Roundworld. If you open your eyes, if you open this cover, you’ll find—like the writers here—that it’s still magic, even if you know how it’s done!”

—Josef Steiff, Editor of Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy

 “An absolutely stunning, or at least relatively stunning, gaggle of choice chapters on Pratchett’s kaotic cosmos. You’ll need that bottle of dried frog pills, but be careful not to wake the Luggage.”

—Ray Scott Percival, Author of The Myth of the Closed Mind

Dr. Nicolas Michaud teaches philosophy and English in Jacksonville, Florida. He has edited Jurassic Park and Philosophy (2014) and Adventure Time and Philosophy (2015), and co-edited Deadpool and Philosophy (2016).

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