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The Philosophy of Donald Davidson: Library of Living Philosophers, Volume XXVII   Edited by Lewis E. Hahn

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ISBN 0-8126-9399-X $42.95        paper
768 pages
(October 1999)
ISBN 0-8126-9398-1
$89.95    cloth
768 pages
(October 1999)

The Philosophy of Donald Davidson
Library of Living Philosophers, Volume XXVII

Edited by Lewis E. Hahn

The latest volume of the critically acclaimed Library of Living Philosophers series is devoted to the work of analytic philosopher Donald Davidson. Following the standard LLP format, Davidson discusses his life and philosophical development in an intellectual autobiography. This is followed by 31 critical essays by distinguished scholars; Davidson replies to each of these essays.

Although Donald Davidson is considered an analytic philosopher, his thought straddles many areas of philosophy. One of his greatest contributions is the development of a philosophical system based on his theory of mind and language, but he has also worked on theory of action, philosophy of language, decision theory, psychology, epistemology, ethics, the concept of truth, and the concept of objectivity. Davidson is a former Carus Lecturer who has held more than twenty distinguished lectureships and research fellowships at universities in this country and abroad, including Queens College, Stanford, Princeton, and the University of Peru. He is currently professor emeritus at UC-Berkeley.

Contributors to the book include: John McDowell, J.J.C. Smart, Robert Morris, Barry Stroud, A.C. Genova, Thomas Nagel, Akeel Bilgrami, Tyler Burge, James Hopkins, Simon Evnine, Deborah Hansen Soles, Andrew Cutrofello, Bill Martin, Reed Way Dasenbrock, Ariela Lazar, Marcia Cavell, Jon Elster, Pascal Engel, Carol Rovane, Edna Ullmann-Margalit, John D. Collins, Isaac Levi, Richard Rorty, Bjørn T. Ramberg, Jennifer Hornsby, Bruce Vermazen, Stephen Neale, James Higginbotham, Ernest Lepore, Dagfinn Føllesdal, and Donald Davidson.


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