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Drug Legalization: For and Against   Edited by Rod L. Evans and Irwin M. Berent

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ISBN 0-8126-9184-9
$19.95      paper
331 pages
(July 1992)
ISBN  0-8126-9183-0
$32.95       cloth
331 pages
(July 1992)

Drug Legalization
For and Against

Edited by Rod L. Evans and Irwin M. Berent
Foreword by Linus Pauling
Introduction by Hugh Downs

Should drugs be legalized? This collection gives both sides of the argument, with 24 selected articles by 23 well-known participants in the great debate.

All the relevant issues are covered, including: comparisons with legal drugs like alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine; law enforcement problems, addiction rates; moral dilemmas, and the results of practical experience with Prohibition and other anti-drug policies.

Contributors to this volume include: Morton M. Kondracke, Milton Friedman, William J. Bennett, William F. Buckley, Thomas S. Szasz, James Q. Wilson, Kurt L. Schmoke, Hodding Carter III, Michael S. Gazzaniga, Ethan A. Nadelmann, Arnold S. Trebach, Steven Wisotsky, Marguerite A. Bennett, Taylor Branch, David F. Musto, Todd Austin Brenner, Daryl Frazell, John Lawrence Hill, Mark H. Moore, Charles B. Rangel, Merrill A. Smith, Edward J. Tully, Gabriel G. Nahas.

"The list of contributors to this volume is impressive. They represent the debate from a variety of positions including law, medicine, psychiatry, sociology, economics, and philosophy. This is a debate of complicated and delicate proportions, represented here by 22 different authors. The chapters offer a balanced presentation of arguments on both sides of the debate, offering rich and comprehensive discussion."
—Contemporary Psychology


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