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Eight Children in Narnia 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9901-2


vii + 232 pages


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Eight Children in Narnia

The Making of a Children’s Story

Jared Lodbell

Already a prolific writer and literary scholar with a formidable reputation, C.S. Lewis decided quite late in life to write something completely new to him: a story for children; he drew upon his own childhood memories as well as his literary and philosophical theories to write his Chronicles of Narnia, which eventually totaled seven books.

In this path-breaking study of the Narnia books, Jared Lobdell provides fascinating information about the origins of these works and identifies their key influences, motifs, and themes. The result is a new and surprising perspective on Lewis’s many-sided creative genius.

 “What Jared Lobdell has to say is always worth reading: his writing is personal, reflective, and conversational, but deeply informed and wide-ranging. Here Lobdell delves into the sources of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s bookish childhood, adult appreciation of the fairy tale, and ‘essential schoolboyishness’, and discovers the mythic truth in the unique Narnian blending of the numinous and the carnival.”

—Janet Brennan Croft, Editor of Mythlore

 “A welcome resource for Inklings scholars. In addition to identifying sources and analoguesof Narnia drawn from Lewis’s childhood imagination, Lobdell addresses other foundational questions, from the nature of myth, fantasy, and Arcadian pastoral literature, to the story forms and atmosphere of the Narnian septology. An insightful study by an author who has read “all the right books,” Lobdell’s unique analysis will undoubtedly influence further research and discussion.”

—Robert Trexler, Editor, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society and Publisher, Winged Lion Press

Jared Lobdell is the author of numerous books on literature, American history, and other subjects. His literary studies include The Rise of Tolkienian Fantasy (2005), The Scientifiction Novels of C.S. Lewis (2004), and The World of the Rings (2004).

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