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Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men 2ed 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9843-5


448 pages

November 2013

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Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men

A History of the American Civil War

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Foreword by John Majewski
2nd Edition

This book combines a sweeping narrative of the Civil War with a bold new look at the war’s significance for American society. Professor Hummel sees the Civil War as America’s turning point: simultaneously the culmination and repudiation of the American revolution.

The second edition includes a new Introduction by the author, discussing the book’s reception and new findings since it first appeared, and a foreword by the distinguished Civil War historian John Majewski.

“With its insightful analysis (not to mention the extensive bibliographical essays that elaborate each chapter), Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men will supply both the academic and the Civil War buff with an added perspective on the causes and consequences of the Civil War.”

Publishers Weekly

“Hummel . . . presents some uncomfortable truths for both sides of the Civil War. For the South, Hummel builds a case that the war was indeed about slavery. For the North, he shows that a war to preserve the union was morally bankrupt and that freeing the slaves was the only justifiable reason for fighting. Yet Hummel demonstrates that even a war for such a noble cause was probably unnecessary, since slavery was politically doomed in an independent South.”

Library Journal

“. . . a lucid, edifying account of the Civil War era. Mr. Hummel has an impressive command of the relevant contemporary literature. His interpretations are thoughtful, often provocative, always well worth considering. Civil War buffs will want this book on their shelves.”

—Kenneth M. Stampp, author of The Peculiar Institution

 “Even veteran students of the conflict will find much to challenge their thinking in this forcefully argued and clearly written study.”

—Gary Gallagher, Professor of American History, Penn State University

Jeffrey Rogers Hummel is Professor of Economics at San Jose State University. He has written hundreds of articles, both scholarly and popular, on economics and American history.

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