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Philosophy of Gadamer cover

ISBN 0-8126-9341-8
ISBN-13 978-08126-9341-6


638 pages



The Philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer

Volume XXIV in the Library of Living Philosophers

Edited by Paul A. Schilpp

Table of Contents

Hans-Georg Gadamer, one of the outstanding exponents of hermeneutics, is also a master of hermeneutic praxis. His influence on thinking in the humanities has been profound. The two main foci of his work have been Greek philosophy, especially Plato, and hermeneutics, but his interests range widely. This volume sheds new light on Gadamer's relation to Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and especially on his complex relationship to Heidegger, in which Gadamer moved from discipleship to an independent position.

"Fully lives up to the high standard of its predecessors . . . represents an irreplaceably valuable effort at self-critique and comment."


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