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ISBN 0-8126-9617-4


192 pages

(Spring 2007)

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Heidegger Explained

From Phenomenon to Thing

Graham Harman
Volume 4 in the Ideas Explained™ series

More and more philosophers now recognize Martin Heidegger as the most important philosopher of the past hundred years. And more than any other recent philosopher, Heidegger has a following outside philosophy, among artists, architects, literary theorists, psychologists, and computer scientists.

Heidegger Explained is the clearest exposition of Heidegger yet written. It describes his controversial life and career, his relations with contemporaries, the evolution of his thought, and the pathways of his influence.

“Graham Harman has done for Heidegger what Terry Eagleton and Jonathan Culler did for post-structuralist literary theory in the 1980s: like them, he makes a powerful body of work accessible to a broader humanities audience in a witty, precise, and unapologetically engaged way.”

—Michael Witmore, author of Shakespearean Metaphysics

“Without a knowledge of Heidegger, it is impossible to understand some of the most important social and philosophical trends of the twentieth century” existentialism, phenomenology, deconstruction. Harman’s book makes understanding Heidegger not only possible for non-specialists but compulsory for anyone with an interest in contemporary intellectual history. With the publication of Heidegger Explained, there is no longer any excuse for not grappling with the legacy of this controversial thinker.”

—Kellie Robertson, author of The Laborer’s Two Bodies

“This is a very clear, lively introduction to the whole range of Heidegger’s work.Harman does an excellent job of cutting through Heidegger’s often confusing terminology to reveal the central philosophical themes of his work.”

—Anthony Rudd, author of Expressing the World

“In a surprisingly plain style, Graham Harman brings Heidegger’s thought to life. He doesn’t step back from Heidegger’s relationship with Nazi Germany, but shows how his unique understanding of Being goes beyond those constraints and lays the groundwork for much of twentieth-century philosophy.”

—Byron Keith Hawk, George Mason University

Graham Harman, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the American University in Cairo, has been acclaimed both as a lucid interpreter of Heidegger and as an original philosophical mind. He is the author of Tool-Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Objects (2002) and Guerrilla Metaphysics: Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things (2005), and translator of Niklaus Largier’s In Praise of the Whip. He supported himself through part of graduate school as a Chicago sportswriter, interviewing such figures as Sammy Sosa and Bobby Knight.

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