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Louis C.K. and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9906-7


xx + 304 pages


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Louis C.K. and Philosophy

You Don’t Get to Be Bored

Edited by Mark Ralkowski
Volume 99 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

“This book is a delight. Its twenty-four essays shine a bright light on the wisdom of the age’s greatest comedian, bringing much needed levity to the weighty activity of philosophical reflection and fruitful clarity to the cutting edge of contemporary humor. These essays will not only make you laugh—they teach the truth, or at least the truth according to Louis C.K.”

—William Winstead, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Honors, The George Washington University

“Have you ever wondered whether misery is wasted on the miserable? Why is it that everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy? Has your cell phone made you forget how to be a person? Who didn’t let the gorilla into the ballet? Maybe you’ve never asked yourself any of these questions, but Louis has. The beauty of this book is that it shows us why we should too.”

—Misha Chkhenkeli, Professor of Mathematics, Georgia American University

 “Unlike Socrates, who tried to change everyone’s way of life, Louis seduces us to confront our dissatisfactions and self-delusions by exposing his own. Louis C.K. and Philosophy shows us how, amidst the laughter, we may find ourselves on a path to self-knowledge.”

—John Bussanich, Professor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico

“Ludwig Wittgenstein said that a serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes. Louis C.K. and Philosophy does not consist entirely of jokes. However, the authors recognize just how philosophically profound humor can be, and they have a rich quarry in the work of Louis C.K.”

—David Benatar, Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department, University of Cape Town

 “Louis C.K. offers us perspective on issues of both trivial and genuine concern. In their different contributions, the authors move us beyond entertainment and more fully immerse the reader (or the viewer) in the shit at the core of Louis.”

— Nick Clark, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Susquehanna University

 Mark Ralkowski is an assistant professor of philosophy and honors at The George Washington University. He wrote Heidegger’s Platonism (2009) and edited Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy: Awaken the Social Assassin Within (2012).

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