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More Matrix and Philosophy cover

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ISBN 0-8126-9572-0



239 pages

(Spring 2005)

More Matrix and Philosophy

Revolutions and Reloaded Decoded

Edited by William Irwin
Volume 11 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

We're going in. One more time. And this time we're facing some pretty mean programs. Cynicism. Obfuscation. Postmodern despair. Plus, the usual obnoxious bunch of totally ruthless Agents, who always insist upon Conformity or Deletion. And just in case you were hoping to make it back, they've reconfigured the culture so there are hardly any phone booths left.

We're gonna need guns. Lots of guns. And an endless supply of logic, humor, disobedience, defiance, and argumentative tenacity.

The surviving members of the old crew are still on board, along with some new recruits, freshly located, unplugged, and debugged. Are you with us?

You've already made the choice. Now you have to understand why you made it.

"This book is proof, if any were needed, of the relevance of philosophy to life. It shows the many ways in which philosophical thought can deepen and enlighten popular culture."

—John Lachs, author of A Community of Individuals

"Open Court's 'Popular Culture and Philosophy' series . . . It's the most serious philosophical series on the market, if some link between academic seriousness and real life still exists."

—Carlin Romano, in the Chronicle of Higher Education

William Irwin is Associate Professor of Philosophy at King's College, Pennsylvania. He is author of Intentionalist Interpretation: A Philosophical Explanation and Defense and (with Gregory Bassham, H. Nardone, and J. Wallace) Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction. He has edited Seinfeld and Philosophy: A Book about Everything and Nothing and (with Mark T. Conard and Aeon J. Skoble) The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh of Homer.

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