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Niel Gaiman and Philosophy cover 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9765-0


288 pages

Spring 2012

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy

Gods Gone Wild!

Edited by Tracy L. Bealer, Rachel Luria, and Wayne Yuen
Volume 66 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Whether it’s the absurdity of modern existence in American Gods, the chilling depiction of childhood isolation in Coraline, the ghoulish road to learning about life in The Graveyard Book, or the discovery of inter-community divisions in Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman is our Dream King who opens up new worlds of the imagination for both children and grownups.

Neil Gaiman, or to give him his full titles, The Critically Acclaimed, Award-Winning, and Best- Selling Author Neil Gaiman, has unleashed the white-hot energy of the imaginary to illuminate reality.

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy shows us that fantasy can be more than entertainment. Neil Gaiman’s fantastic fiction is also a door into a strange yet real world, a world of endless questions, startling apparitions, unnerving ambushes, smoothed-tongued seducers, and magical objects—the world of philosophy.

“Whether it’s The Sandman or American Gods, Gaiman’s storytelling is rich with themes in metaphysics, epistemology, political philosophy, and ethics—all the ingredients for a healthy heaping of philosophy. After reading Neil Gaiman and Philosophy, the Gaiman fan will become a philosophy fan too.”

—Robert Arp, Consulting Ontologist and author of Scenario Visualization: An Evolutionary Account of Creative Problem Solving

“Neil Gaiman is a master of re-enchantment, animating the symbolic underworld that is our own but which we suppose ourselves too ‘modern’ to believe in—from Shadow, Media, Anansi, and London Below to Death herself. The authors of Neil Gaiman and Philosophy animate a pantheon of philosophers to show us how Gaiman’s work also explores systems of belief which lie underneath our ideas of ourselves and of the world—theories few of us know by name and that may be invisible to us, which live among us and have power over us all the same.”

— D.E. Wittkower, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Old Dominion University

“Thoughtful fans of Neil Gaiman are sure to love Neil Gaiman and Philosophy. The challenge was to produce a book that captures the diverse ideas of such a richly imaginative and prolific writer. Bealer, Luria, and Yuen have successfully met that challenge.”

— Richard Greene, co-editor of The Golden Compass and Philosophy

Tracy L. Bealer teaches literature and composition at Metropolitan State College in Denver, and follows Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed with a fervor bordering on pathological obsession. Rachel Luria has been hangin’ with the Dream King since 1997 when she first became addicted to The Sandman comics, and is now an assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University’s Wilkes Honors College. Wayne Yuen teaches philosophy at Ohlone College and has edited The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now.

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