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A Nietzschean Defense of Democracy cover

ISBN 0-8126-9296-9

$21.95  paper

325 pages


A Nietzschean Defense of Democracy

An Experiment in Postmodern Politics

Lawrence J. Hatab

In A Nietzschean Defense of Democracy, Hatab offers a new, postmodern account of democracy, freed from the traditional assumptions embodied in the Enlightenment project. Hatab advances a two-fold argument: first, that Nietzsche was wrong to repudiate democracy since democratic politics can be more amenable to his way of thinking than he imagined; second, Nietzsche was right to critique fundamental flaws in traditional democratic theory, especially the modernist emphasis on human equality, rational subjectivity, and natural rights.

"This is a powerful, engaging, challenging book. It will especially appeal to those of a postmodern bent who look to Nietzsche as an early champion of the view they hold but are appalled by the antidemocratic polemic he affirms. It is a stimulating and valuable book for anyone interested in Nietzsche, postmodernism, or democracy . . . a challenging, thought-reflection on some of the most decisive philosophical and political issues of our time."

Canadian Philosophical Reviews

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