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Philosophy of Karl Popper cover

ISBN 0-87548-361-5
ISBN-13 978-0875483610


960 pages

(1957; 1981)


The Philosophy of Karl Jaspers

Table of Contents

  • Karl Jaspers: Philosophical Autobiography
  • Kurt Hoffman: The Basic Concepts of Jaspers' Philosophy
  • James Collins: Jaspers on Science and Philosophy
  • Gerhard Knauss: The Concept of the "Encompassing" in Jaspers' Philosophy
  • Edwin Latzel: The Concept of "Ultimate Situation" in Jaspers' Philosophy
  • Fritz Kaufmann: Karl Jaspers and A Philosophy of Communication
  • Johannes Thyssen: The Concept of "Foundering" in Jaspers' Philosophy
  • Eduard Baumgarten: The "Radical Evil" in Jaspers' Philosophy
  • Ernst Moritz Manasse: Max Weber's Influence on Jaspers
  • Jean Wahl: Notes on Some Relations of Jaspers to Kierkegaard and Heidegger
  • Walter Kaufmann: Jaspers' Relation to Nietzsche
  • Kurt Kolle: Jaspers as Psychopathologist
  • Ludwig B. Lefebre: The Psychology of Karl Jaspers
  • Hans Kunz: Critique of Jaspers' Concept of "Transcendence"
  • William Earle: Jaspers' Philosophical Anthropology
  • Hannah Arendt: Jaspers As Citizen of the World
  • Golo Mann: Freedom and the Social Sciences in Jaspers' Thought
  • John Hennig: Karl Jaspers' Attitude Towards History
  • Jeanne Hersch: Jaspers' Conception of Tradition
  • Paul Ricoeur: The Relation of Jaspers' Philosophy to Religion
  • Julius Löwenstein: Judaism in Jaspers' Thought
  • Soren Holm: Jaspers' Philosophy of Religion
  • A. Lichtigfeld: The God-Concept in Jaspers' Philosophy
  • Johannes Pfeiffer: On Karl Jaspers' Interpretation of Art
  • Helmut Rehder: Literary Criticism and the Existentialism of Jaspers
  • Karl Jaspers: Reply to My Critics
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