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The Reasonableness of Reason: Explaining Rationality Naturalistically   Bruce W. Hauptli
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286 Pages
(November 1995)

The Reasonableness of Reason
Explaining Rationality Naturalistically

Bruce W. Hauptli

Does reliance on reason require an unreasonable faith in reason? Traditionally, rationalists claim that we should accept only those beliefs which we can rationally justify, but anti-rationalists point out that this claim itself cannot be rationally justified without first being assumed. Hauptli reviews and criticizes the various attempts by rationalists to break out of this quandary, before offering a new approach: a therapy argument which undercuts the force of the attacks on rationalism by giving a correct understanding of our roles as theory-holders and theory-changers.

"The book is wonderfully written-clear, insightful, and accurate—an extremely valuable text for both novice and expert. Hauptli not only explains from scratch the issues he discusses, he sheds new light on Wittgenstein and Quine along the way."
—Roger Gibson
Washington University


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