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Red Rising and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9947-0


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Red Rising and Philosophy

Break the Chains!

Edited by Courtland Lewis and Kevin McCain
Volume 104 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

The rockstar among scifi authors, Pierce Brown himself, posted the following on his Facebook page:

 “A few months ago I was contacted by a former classmate of mine, Devon Brickhouse-Bryson, whom I always considered the resident brain trust in our philosophy classes back at Pepperdine. Turns out, Devon has read Red Rising and along with more than a dozen other students of philosophy compiled an incredible book analyzing the philosophy and social criticisms within the Red Rising Trilogy (teaching me things in the process!). It was an absolute honor to read and I encourage you to support them by snagging yourself a copy. You can preorder. It will be on sale November 10th. All profits go to the editor (Courtland Lewis) and writers, with whom I am not affiliated.” - @pierce-brown

Red Rising and Philosophy comprises sixteen readable philosophical essays on Pierce Brown’s runaway best-selling trilogy about an oppressive future reincarnation of the Roman Empire spanning the solar system (Red Rising, Golden Son, and Morning Star). Brown’s gripping story raises vital questions of political power and political obligation, democracy and oligarchy, freewill and determinism, nature and nurture, evolution and ethics.

 “Red Rising and Philosophy is a fun collection of philosophical reflections on Pierce Brown’s amazing sci-fi trilogy. Contemporary philosophical issues abound in Red Rising, and Lewis and McCain have done an awesome job in assembling fascinating discussions of this popular saga. The result is an excellent contribution not only for fans of Brown’s trilogy, but for anyone interested in the philosophical aspects of twenty-first-century Western culture.”

 —Ted Poston, Professor of Philosophy, University of South Alabama

“Lewis and McCain have done a tremendous service to everyone who loves science fiction, philosophy, or both. Red Rising and Philosophy shows us how philosophy is really about the things that matter most.”

—Carl Sachs, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Marymount University

 “If you love Red Rising, you will rush to buy this great new collection of essays about it. Philosophers Courtland Lewis and Kevin McCain have scanned the heights and mined the hidden crevices of modern philosophy to bring you new insights about personal identity, justice, and the world of Red Rising, including several great contributions by Lewis and McCain themselves.”

—Gregory E. Pence, author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Clone Club: Bioethics and Philosophy in Orphan Black (2016)

 “For all those subversives, saboteurs, spies, imposters, helldivers, and revolutionaries, whatever their Color, who know what it means to live for more, Lewis and McCain have carved a gorydamn treat. Prime!”

—Ray Scott Percival, author of The Myth of the Closed Mind: Understanding Why and How People Are Rational (2010)

 Courtland Lewis is Program Co-ordinator at Owensboro Community and Technical College, Kentucky. He has edited Divergent and Philosophy: The Factions of Life (2016), and co-edited Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the Inside (2010) and More Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time (2015). Kevin McCain teaches philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has written The Nature of Scientific Knowledge: An Explanatory Approach (2016) and Evidentialism and Epistemic Justification (2014).

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